Tableau Dashboard Development

To illustrate my development process I will walk through a Makeover Monday task which I have taken part in. To find out more about the weekly Makeover Monday Social Data Project please visit Makeover Monday

Original Presentation

The original presentation I have had to re-create can be found on the following link:
Makeover Monday Data - February 27th 2017

First Sketch

I liked the use of charts in the original presentation, so I did not discard them in my sketch. What I done differently is in between both charts I added a bit of space to provide 3 key facts about the data that will grab the attention of the audience.

Digital Mockup

I then created a digital mockup of how this would potentially look as a Tableau Dashboard.

Colour Inspiration

Since this data is regarding Andy's American Express spending, I decided to look at the American Express logo as a starting point for colour inspiration. After looking at the logo I decided to go with a blue theme, but I was not sure yet what type of blue I wanted to go with.
Then while looking through Design Seeds I stumbled across a colour palette I liked, so I created a custom colour palette for Tableau.

The original inspiration for the custom colour palette can be found at
Design Seeds - { Color Spill }

Final Tableau Dashboard

I decided to go with two contrasting blues from the colour palette I created. The darker blue would be used for the text while the lighter blue would be used on the charts. I decided to re-tell the story of the data too. The first chart I wanted to just show Andy's spending in each month of 2016. I decided this was best accomplished using an area chart. Below the area chart I then provided the following key facts; minimum, median and maximum spend. I ensured this was big enough to stand out for the audience. Finally for the category spending chart I decided to pick one colour for the whole chart and rank the spending.